Steroids: Use It Wisely to Cut Down All the Associated Risks

If you ask about steroids, you will always get two answers – negative as well as positive. Depending on whom you are asking, the answer will be either in favor of using steroids or not using them at all.

Generally, when the word steroid is mentioned, the thought of steroid abuse also comes to mind. The reason behind this is simple – body builders and athletes who are using steroid admit that steroids are helpful, but when they are used incorrectly, they prove to be dangerous.

Why are steroids in demand?

Steroids are basically illegal to use in any setting apart from a medical facility or without a doctors’ approval and supervision. However, still they are used around the globe by thousands of users. Individuals try to obtain them from international resources and even from bodybuilding forums. Why?

Steroids are appealing for a variety of reasons. There are numerous less harmful oral steroids, which help individuals in cutting down, bulking up, increases their stamina, strength and endurance, also it helps in speeding up the recovery time after an injury.

All in all, steroids have several benefits and thus are in demand. However, the only thing to bear in mind is know all the short and long-term effects of a steroid before using it. Also, follow the recommended dosage cycle strictly.

Short and long-term effects of steroids:

Steroid abuse is a serious thing. There are a number of dangers to which an individual is exposed while using steroids without a doctor’s supervision. Just like any other drug, steroid abuse also has short and long-term effects. Most of its short-term effects are documented, but the long-term effects still aren’t clear.

There are both mental and physical effects of steroids. Some of its physical effects are:

  • Water retention
  • Severe acne
  • High BP and cholesterol levels
  • Liver damage
  • Aggression and hostility
  • Extreme irritability
  • Depression
  • Mood swings

Signs of steroid abuse include:

  • Restlessness and mood swings
  • Feeling depressed
  • Feeling suicidal

Withdrawal symptoms of steroids are experienced for about a year after stopping its usage. Well, there is no doubt about the fact the short-term benefits of steroids are amazing and extremely tempting, but the symptoms of steroid abuse aren’t worth it.

Therefore, it is recommended that you consult your physician before trying any steroid. However, if you aren’t involving any physician, it is vital that you try to gain as much information as possible about a steroid before using it and use it as recommended.