Meth Addiction and Treatment

Methamphetamine is just one of the many drugs spreading like wide fire amongst younger population in most parts of the world today. Methamphetamine is a drug that not only gives users an increased level of energy but also boosts confidence. It suppresses appetite and is also used in some form of medical treatment to aid narcolepsy, depression and ADHD.

Meth is used recreationally; soon after its recreational uses turns into an abuse and then a full blown addiction. Extreme side effects of methamphetamine such as senseless and repetitive behaviour, violence and impaired judgment are just to highlight some of the mental and psychological side effects of methamphetamine. Some of the physical negative effect of methamphetamine includes; fluctuating blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, severe weight loss, skin ailments and a higher risk of contracting STD.Image result for Meth Addiction and Treatment

Methamphetamine goes by a variety of street names like crystal meth, crank or ice drug. It can be ingested into the body by smoking, snorting or injection.  Though known to be addictive, the first few doses of methamphetamine are usually enjoyable.

If you are looking to live a drug free life and enjoy the possibility of living the dream, then visit Addiction Rehab Toronto. However, the aftermath of meth addiction is so powerful that addicts find it difficult following treatment options. Recovery from methamphetamine takes a considerable amount of time let’s say  3 months and it can get even longer to a year, depending on the intensity of the damage; the best course of action is the long-term in-patient treatment. Treatments typically lasting for at least three months record high success rate.

Meth addicts enjoy great benefits when enrolled in treatment programs that are structured to make up for some of the emotional and mental low points that occur during the withdrawal period, Treatments that provides organized and intensive programming in response to all aspects of life.

Cognitive behavioural therapy or CBT is one of the best meth addiction treatment method for addicts. In this therapy, addicts are made to understand why they use the drug, what kind of associations or groups heightens their cravings to use, how to avoid the urge and how to deal with them when they eventually occur. CBT provides real life technique and approach that has been proven to work on the rehabilitation and recovery of methamphetamine addicts.

Other treatment methods include contingency reinforcement and the 12 step approach. In contingency reinforcement, a therapist uses the reward principle to motivate addicts to attain goals like a clean drug test or reaching a sobriety mark. The 12 step includes different peer and meetings found in Narcotics Anonymous, although the 12 steps are recommended for use alongside other treatment method for better results.

The detoxification process for methamphetamine is far from life threatening unlike heroin and other similar drugs and the procedure need not hold in an inpatient environment. Although any pre-existing medical conditions like dental care or skin care is not included.

The key to winning the battle against methamphetamine addiction is the absolute dedication to the treatment. Family, relatives and friends need to be actively involved and provide support for the recovering addict, as this will greatly boost the chances of a complete recovery.