3 KEY Things to Know About Masteron Side Effects

Based the usage of Masteron there will be different side effects. It is important to do homework before using anabolic androgenic steroids. All the users may not experience negative effects from these steroids. But it is important to have information of all these side effects.

Majority of the users consider Masteron to be very mild. The effects experienced will also depend on manufacturer and country of origin.

Masteron Side Effects:

There will not be any estrogenic side effects caused by Masteron, an unalkylated steroid. But in men it can result in androgenic side effects. That is why one must monitor their dosage. Some of the side effects caused by Masteron are

  • The suppression in the production of natural testosterone
  • Decrease in HDL cholesterol which is also known as good cholesterol
  • Increase in LDL or bad cholesterol
  • Virilization effects in women
  • Acne
  • Thinning of the hair
  • Increased hair all over the body
  • Hair loss

All About Masteron:

Matseron is the brand for the drug drostanolone propionate. This drug is different from the one available today called Masteron Enanthate. This is anabolic androgenic steroid which is available in injectable form. This is derived from dihydrotestosterone.

This is nothing but a metabolite of testosterone. Testosterone is considered as a primary male hormone. It is responsible for maintenance and development of secondary male characteristics in men. When it comes to potency, dihydrotestosterone is similar to testosterone. but based on the components, sometimes it may be stronger when compared to natural testosterone produced in the body.

Use for Bodybuilding:

The effects of masteron depend on the proprionate ester attached. This also decide the half life of the drug. It is very effective when it comes to muscle building that is why this steroid is popular among bodybuilders.

There will not be much of undesired side effects since it comes with less androgenic effects. Irrespective of the milligram strength used, this can cause side effects.

This drug is already banned for medical treatments in US. The manufacturing of this drug is also ceased in many countries. Today it is not available as prescription strength drug. There is no recommended dose for Masteron. There are underground labs which produce similar drugs. But the results will depend on ingredients used, milligram strength followed, and experience level of the user. Bodybuilders use masteron injection every day.

Benefits & Results:

Due to the limitations when it comes to benefits Masteron or drostanolone proprionate is discontinued in the treatment of breast cancer in female. But earlier in 80s and 90s it was in use for this treatment.

There are many synonyms for masteron. Some of them are

·         Drolban

·         Emdisterone

·         Permastril

·         Masteril

·         Blackburn compound

Finding Masteron:

It is not that easy to find Masteron today compared to availability of other anabolic androgenic steroids. It is no longer produced as prescription drug. There are very less locations available for purchase. But from few foreign pharmaceutical manufacturers it can be found. But most of these are from underground steroid manufacturers and labs.