Know the Causes of Back Pain

Among all the aches your body gets in a lifetime, prolonged back and neck pain are the most persistent and nagging. They disturb your life affecting both personal and professional life. These pains are the results of overwork, twisting and bending the body in an improper way, injury and stress. One fine morning you wake up with a back or neck pain without any previous warning or indication. Or sometimes you turn your head very much in the same way and suddenly you feel a sharp pain in your back or neck. If this problem is left untreated or ignored then it turns out to be chronic and refuses to go away.

A bulged disc also called disc protrusion isn’t dreadful as it is common for people of all ages. The pain causes discomfort and infirmity in different parts of the body when the disc compresses the spinal cord or a neighboring nerve root. Many people are suffering from bulging disc without even aware of it. The problem of bulging disc is seen from the MRIs in patients suffering from back pain but people not suffering from back pain can also have this problem. Visit to know about numerous health ailments their symptoms and experience advanced treatment related to severe health problems.

The symptoms

Back pain – Most of the people experience back pain at least once in their life. Luckily you are capable of taking measures to avert or relieve yourself from maximum back pain episodes. Surgery is seldom needed for treating back pain. There are certain symptoms of back pain, which are stabbing and shooting pain, ache that gets discharged down your leg, muscle pain, constrained flexibility or range of nodding of the back.

Neck pain – This is a very common complaint among people which results mainly from improper posture. However, neck pain sometimes turns out a symptom of a severe problem. Neck pain demonstrates itself in symptoms likea headache, inability to move your head easily, muscle stiffness and spasms. Pain gets worse when you hold your head ina particular place for longer periods especially working on the computer or driving.

Bulged Disc – The pain of bulged disc begins in a specific part and then stretches itself outward. When the injured disc is positioned on the cervical spine, which contains vertebrae C1-C7 then the discomfort begins from the neck and expands in the direction of the shoulder and the arm. But when it is situated on the lumbar spine, which covers spinal vertebrae L1-L5 then its signs will get manifested in the leg, low back and buttocks till down your feet.

Method of treatment

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