Three Special Foods You Can Eat to Fight the Signs of Aging

Even though aging is a perfectly natural and normal part of life, it is not exactly something that many of us really like to talk about. Indeed, it seems it is much easier to embrace the idea of aging than to embrace the actual account of it, when you start to realize it is happening to you.  And that can also be difficult simply because we all experience the signs of aging at different times and in different ways.

One thing we can all do, though, is to change our Clinique médico-esthétique Mediluxe

diets to include more types of foods that help to fight the signs of aging.  That is to say, of course, not necessarily foods that keep you young, but foods that will not only continue to keep your boy working at its optimum but to help you slow down the aging and, hopefully, keep from seeing some of those signs for as long as possible.

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Avocado is actually among the best wrinkle-fighting foods you can buy/grow. Not only is it tasty (as it is only slightly sweet, but very fatty—in a healthy way—so they can really satisfy your hunger).  It is also rich in vitamin E—which is good for the skin—and vitamin B-complex—which give you energy.  Its fatty acid content actually help to improve soft tissue integrity; and its vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that fights wrinkle-causing free radicals.  That’s a pretty great excuse to have some guacamole!


Small and simple, the blueberry is one of nature’s most accessible superfoods.  It is similar to avocado in that it is high in vitamin E but blueberries are also rich in anthocyanins. This is a group of compounds that improve collagen production through the neutralizing of an enzyme which would normally otherwise break down connective tissue.  And anthocyanins also enhance Vitamin C absorption.

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Studies continue to suggest that red meat is really not very good for humans; unless of course, we are talking about the pink flesh of salmon.  Similar to avocado in that it is rich in very healthy fatty acids, salmon is an abundant source of Omega-3 fatty acids, which improves soft tissue integrity.  Since salmon is a lean protein, too, you will ingest fewer fats.  Perhaps even most importantly, salmon gets its gorgeous pink color from a caretoind called astaxanthin, a powerful free radical-fighting antioxidant.