The All On Four Procedure

For patients looking for ways to replace missing teeth or dentures, there is a very helpful procedure called on all 4 dental implants. The procedure involves permanent all-on-4 implants set of teeth. These teeth feel and look just like natural teeth. Here at the Art of Dentistry, we have been helping numerous patients achieve oral health and aesthetical success with the all on four technique.

All About All On Four Procedure

Compared to traditional implants, the all on four dental implant technique is a bit different. This method only utilizes 4 implants per arch. That means it does not require six to eight implants as other methods do. In fact, in some cases, even more are required in each arch. That is not the case with the all on four procedure. Another difference with the all-on-4 technique from traditional implants, is the way they are placed. With the all on 4 procedure, the implants are arranged at an angle. Doing so makes it more easier to use the natural support of the bone in your jaw. It also increases contact and requires no bone grafting. Of course, this is not applicable to all patients, only for most of them. The bone grafting requirement is often very commonly used in most traditional implant techniques or surgeries.

Another plus to the all on four procedure is that it spares the patient from any real discomfort. Furthermore, the procedure requires a lot less time than others do. Lastly, for patients that may be wondering how much does the all on 4 procedure cost, there is good news for them as well. That’s because the overall cost of an all on four procedureis much less than traditional implants.

All On Four Reviews

For patients looking to have this procedure done, they usually rely on reviews from previous clients so that it canmake that decision easier for them. That’s because seeing either negative or positive reviews about a technique can greatly assist in their indecisiveness. For the most part, when it comes to the all on four reviews we have received from former patients, they have been very positive. In fact, the Art of Dentistry has one of the highest rated reviews of any other cosmetic dentistry company in Canada.

It is our commitment, compassion and dedication to each patient that continues to garnish us such high ratings. We have many all on 4 before and after photos at our website and offices for you to look at. These can assist you in seeing the results right as they happened with each patient.

The all on four dental implant technique will usually take about two hours and a half per arch done. There is also a 98% success rate for the all on 4 dental implants procedure. Those statistics show that there is minimal to no chance of your all-on-4 surgery not going as you hoped.

As with all oral surgeries or treatments, the place and whom you choose to have it done is extremely important. Your oral health and smile are one of the most important assets you have. Don’t just trust anyone to do the all on four or any other dental procedures. Let only experienced and professional cosmetic dentistry experts do so. Call or visit the Art of Dentistry because we are the superior and top rated choice in all of Canada.