Intravenous Therapy Trend in Hollywood


Could an intravenous treatment really enhance beauty and glow of skin? This question is widely discussed among individuals who like to maintain their beauty and glow. Not necessarily females, but males are also interested in utilization of Intravenous (IV) beauty treatment. Previously, IV therapy was not widely utilized for enhancing beauty; however, now everyone, including physicians and Hollywood celebrities are emphasizing on the benefits of IV therapy.  Diversified beauty treatments were known to be considered as celebrity health fashion; however, no beauty treatment technique received as much attention as IV therapy, which is considered to boost glow on skin and improve energy levels.  

Due to increased demands of the IV beauty treatment, diversified beauty companies are engaged in brining IV treatments right to door steps of their customers. According to a recent report, Kim Kardashian was also identified to receive IV treatment from I.V. Doc, a well-known beauty IV company. IV bags utilized for beauty treatment are said to possess vitamin solutions. Intravenous injections of vitamins ensure faster absorption of vitamins within the blood stream. Another reason of popularity of this IV therapy is that it is said to assist in speeding up the recovery process from almost all common medical complications including jet lag, exhaustion as well as routine tiredness.

According to recent reports, IV beauty treatment consists of different treatment stages, such that every treatment session is carried out for duration of 30 minutes. According to reports, Kim received beautify IV treatment which was carried out by utilizing six types of vitamins cocktail consisting of multiple vitamins along with different electrolytes. Vitamins bags utilized for IV therapy might not only consist of a single type of vitamin, rather, it might consist for several vitamins. Fusion of vitamins along with anti-inflammatory medications is commonly utilized with an intention of improving health and appearance of skin and hair.

Unlike other IV therapies, the vitamin based IV therapy can be regarded as a brand new treatment procedure. Kim is not the only celebrity who tried this IV vitamin therapy. Other celebrities including Rihanna and Bella Thorne also relied on this particular treatment; however, utilization of this treatment by Kim is highlighted because of its expensiveness. Utilization of IV vitamin therapy treatment by Kim has further enhanced demand for this treatment among other Hollywood celebrities. Some reports denied the facts of acquiring IV treatment by Kim; however, a wide majority of reports declared that Kim had utilized vitamin based IV therapy for further boosting glow on her skin.

The trend of boosting glow on skin prior to any mega event is not new in Hollywood, such that celebrities prefer acquiring all sorts of treatments for enhancing glow on their skin. According to reports, Kim boosted glow on her skin prior to the Mega event of Met Gala. Some reports had also denied the news of trying IV vitamin treatment by Kim. Just as this news go viral, demands of getting IV vitamin treatment have been reported to have enhanced.