Addiction Rehab: Treatment Options to Stop Addiction Now

Addiction rehab takes different forms and shapes depending on the rehab facility that offers the structured treatment program. There are various services that aim to support and assist individuals that are grappling with the problem of substance abuse and dependence. Outpatient and inpatient treatments are available as well as intervention, private and group counseling, and aftercare services for continuous and ongoing monitoring. Refer to an addiction rehab facility if you or a loved one is struggling with addiction and you need assistance right away.

Addiction Rehab Treatment Options

Different rehab facilities offer varied treatment options for rehabilitation and overcoming addiction. There are no cookie-cutter therapies and methods because different individuals are struggling with addiction with their respective addiction level and response to treatment. Here are some of the rehab treatment options available for those with substance abuse problems:Image result for Addiction Rehab Toronto: What Therapy is Right for You?


Addiction rehab treatment usually starts with intervention if the individual is not open to the notion of treatment but there is a pressing need to undergo such treatment right away. In most cases, the family, friends, and loved ones of the person concern are the ones coordinating with the addiction rehab facility and intervention specialist for this type of service. The intervention process includes good planning particularly in choosing a rehab center where the individual would immediately be admitted after the intervention is successfully carried out.

Pre-Rehabilitative Care

A residential addiction rehab is vital for substance addicts but when the patient’s condition is too far gone, then it would require some services before the main therapy or treatment is done. Before admission, the patient may be required to undergo medical detox in order to cleanse the system from the substance, either narcotics or alcohol or both. There is other pre-rehabilitative care in an addiction rehab such as initial assessment and psychiatric stabilization.

Medically Assisted Detox

Different addicts have their individual struggles with addiction. While some individuals have manageable substance abuse problems, some are too severe and serious. Medically assisted detox is only for cases when the physiological addiction of an individual to certain substances such as heroin, cocaine, opiates, barbiturates, alcohol, and prescription medications already become serious health risks. A medical physician supervises the medically assisted detox in order to cleanse the body from the substance and discontinue its presence in the system. Detox could be excruciating and in some cases, dangerous and fatal. Thus, close supervision is necessary for a 24-hour setting.

Behavior Modification

In this type of addiction rehab treatment, group confrontation is utilized as a modified version of the 12-step program. The main aim is to break down the person in order to rebuild him from a substance-free, clean slate. The program is often found in government-funded facilities and treatment programs.

Some addiction rehab treatments are quite rigorous and difficult that some individuals drop out of the treatment program after several tries. The number of relapse cases paved the way for more carefully planned treatment plans in order to ensure efficiency in the results. Contact a rehab center now.