Van Helsing


Vanessa Helsing, distant relative of famous vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing, is resurrected only to find that vampires have taken over the world.
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S3E7 -Hunted Down

Sam moves closer to his destiny while Mohamad tries to free himself ..

S3E6 -Like Suicide

Vanessa has a final showdown with the Second Elder in San Francisco...

S3E5 -Pretty Noose

In San Francisco, Vanessa, Scarlett and Axel find and battle against..

S3E4 - Rusty Cage

Sam comes to realize his dark destiny and tries to groom Mohamad to ..

S3E3 -I Alive

Vanessa relives the memories of her ancestor, Lily Van Helsing, in C..

S3E2 -Super Unknown

To find its totem, the First Elder brings Vanessa, Scarlett and Axel..

S3E1 -Fresh Tendrils

Vanessa is once again resurrected and must confront her family's leg..

S2E13 - Black Days

At a mountain stronghold, secrets of the Van Helsing family are unea..

S2E12 -Crooked Falls

While the rest of the group fight for survival, Axel and Scarlett de..

S2E11 - Be True

Sam and Mohamad's shared past comes back to haunt them in more ways ..

S2E10 -Base Pair

A mystery unravels when an organization fighting to find a cure for ..

S2E9 - WakeyWakey

A tense standoff between law enforcement and the survivors erupts in..

S2E8 - Big Mama

As the group struggles with the disappearance of one of its own, the..

S2E7 - Everything Changes

Vanessa faces off with Dmitri; Axel fights against becoming a full-f..

S2E6 - Veritas Vincit

Vanessa's past rushes back to confront her in an unexpected way; a s..

S2E5 - Save Yourself

Vanessa faces off against Sam in a bloody showdown; Dmitri hears new..

S2E4 - A Home

Vanessa encounters a group of vampires whose gruesome methods bring ..

S2E3 - Love Bites

Vanessa makes a horrific decision to save her daughter; Axel and a f..

S2E2 - In Redemption

Vanessa fights to get her daughter out of the citadel; Dmitri and An..

S2E1 - Began Again

Vanessa and Mohamad search for Dylan as Dmitri's citadel crumbles ar..

S1E13 - It Begins

Now in Dmitri and Rebecca's clutches, Vanessa learns secrets from he..

S1E12 - He's Coming

While on the road to a vampire-controlled camp, Vanessa and Mohamad ..

S1E11 - Last Time

Vanessa and the group take shelter in Susan's family farm, where dra..

S1E10 - Stay Away

Still reeling from the dire events of 'The Farm', Vanessa and the gr..

S1E9 - Help Out

The group is trapped inside an underground lab for military experime..

S1E8 - Little Thing

Axel leads the surviving members of their group towards his old mili..

S1E7 - For Me

Vanessa and Axel lead the hospital's last stand against a siege by J..

S1E6 - Nothing Matters

Vanessa and Susan are chased by mutated feral vampires in the sewers..

S1E5 - Fear Her

Vanessa, now in the clutches of Julius and his vampire brood, is for..

S1E4 - Coming Back

Vanessa and Mohamad head into the vampire-controlled streets in sear..

S1E3 - Stay Inside

The hospital's power source is damaged, jeopardizing the protective ..

S1E2 - Seen You

In the days leading up to The Rising, Vanessa is attacked and left f..

S1E1 - Help Me

It’s Vanessa Helsing vs. vampires in post-apocalyptic Seattle.

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