Trolls: The Beat Goes On!


Continuing the colorful and hair-raising adventures of the Trolls and the Bergens from the film Trolls (2016).
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S4E1 -Party Crashed

When outsiders invade Troll Village and take Mr. Dinkles hostage, th..

S3E6 -Party Crash Course

DJ Suki takes Poppy's crash course in party hosting.

S3E5 -Meet the Peppy

To impress King Peppy during a Swag Stag hunt, Branch invents a tall..

S3E3 -Hair-Jitsu

Branch learns the importance of patience when Poppy teaches him hair..

S3E2 -The Frenemy

Poppy discovers the master of disguise belongs to an evil group call..

S3E1 -The Imposter

Branch and Poppy hunt for an imposter in Troll Village.

S2E7 -Remote Out of Control

Smidge, Guy, Cooper and Biggie take Branch’s remote control, Gary,..

IMDb: 8 S5E5 The Flash - Season 5 | Akuma To Love Song | тег Sci-Fi (Научная фантастика)