S1E20 - End of the Road: ..

As Maxwell and the class try to reclaim the Orb, Kyra's memory and m..

S1E19 - End of the Road: ..

Without magic or memory of the magical world, Kyra is unaware that O..

S1E18 - On the Case

Imogen hides out in Kyra's room while she, Kyra, Peter and Ruksy try..

S1E17 - Accused

When Kyra learns that her Orb magic can be removed but she will lose..

S1E16 -Prize Day

When the DMI student awards fall on the day Kyra's step-dad wants to..

S1E15 - Judgment Day

Kyra's joke on Sean back fires, whilst Peter and Rusky tackle a magi..

S1E14 - The Eye of Horus

Kyra and Ruksy confront Maxwell about Kyra's extraordinary power and..

S1E13 - Forces of Attract..

Ruksy, Imogen and Lily venture into the dangerous Restricted Section..

S1E12 - Aisle 13

A brush against a magical book re-ignites Kyra's new magic - the unp..

S1E11 -A Fairy Tale

Peter threatens to publish his footage of Maxwell's Bookshop online ..

S1E9 -On the Beach

When Kyra and Darra are stranded on a magical beach, Kyra discovers ..

S1E6 -The Test

Kyra and her class are assessed on their ability to handle magical o..

S1E5 - A Knight to Remember

While Ruksy is giving a tour of the magical Museum, a suit of armour..

S1E4 - Gone to the Dogs

Lily and Imogen's assignment to protect an enchanted letterbox goes ..

S1E3 - All the World's a ..

When Kyra's friend Peter witnesses her doing magic, Lily tries to wi..

S1E2 - Magic in the Air

Unable to control her magic, Kyra joins Maxwell’s school. Kyra fee..

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