Shahs of Sunset


Follows a group of affluent young Persian-American friends who juggle their flamboyant, fast-paced L.A. lifestyles with the demands of their families and traditions.
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S7E9 - SexLiesand iPhone ..

After a fun night of clubbing in Vegas, the group wakes up and makes..

S7E4 - Javid Shah: Long L..

After the tragic loss of her father, the Shahs rally around MJ as sh..

Seasom 07 E00 – “How ..

Highlights from six seasons are shown with friends Reza, MJ, GG, Mik..

S6E15 - Reunion Part 2

The reunion comes to a dramatic close when the Shahs are forced to c..

S6E14 - Reunion Part 1

The reunion kicks off with unresolved tensions among the group at an..

S6E4 - Let My People Go

Reza and Adam have an emotional experience exploring both the surrog..

S6E3 - Hava NagilaHava Te..

Tensions are high as plans for a trip to Israel cause a divide. Reza..

S6E2 - A Long Trip for a ..

Reza and Adam throw an anniversary celebration, during which Shervin..

S6E1 - The Miracle Baby

MJ and Tommy butt heads with a neighbor; Asa reveals her miracle pre..

S5E15 - OMGG

MJ hits a bump while trying to expand her realtor business; Reza and..

S4E16 - Secrets Revealed

In part two of the reunion, Reza returns to set after a heated depar..

S4E14 - Lions and Buddhis..

In Thailand, the group visits a Buddhist temple; Reza struggles with..

S4E13 - Big Trouble in Li..

The group embarks for Thailand to attend Reza's wedding; Mike meets ..

S4E12 - Bubbles of Fertil..

Adam accompanies Reza to a therapy session where Reza finally makes ..

S4E11 - Tale of Two Parties

Reza and Adam get their marriage licence; MJ throws Reza's bachelor ..

S4E10 - One Wedding and a..

Reza decides to have a destination wedding in Thailand; Reza rescind..

S4E9 - Can't Fake the..

GG takes a second polygraph test; Jessica unleashes a martini-fueled..

S4E8 - An Inconclusive Tr..

Reza goes on a diet in anticipation of his upcoming nuptials; GG tak..

S4E7 - Crunch vs. Munch

Reza faces a reality about marrying. Meanwhile, GG wants to re-enter..

S4E6 - Will You Marry Me?

Mike separates from the group in the wake of a revelation by GG. Mea..

S4E5 - It's Nuclear Now

Major home renovations pose challenges to Reza and Asa. Elsewhere, d..

S4E4 - The Secret Is Out

When details of the trip last year to Turkey emerge, Reza, Asa, and ..

S4E3 - The Devil's St..

As the Shahs get their party on at the Malibu retreat, a guest's con..

S4E2 - What Happened in T..

Mike's girlfriend finishes her conversion to Judaism with an ocean s..

S4E1 - I Am Gay Ghandi

The Shahs ring in the Persian New Year surrounded by loved ones and ..


No description


Mike and Reza reach a conclusion about their partnership in the Seas..


Mike and Reza reach a conclusion about their partnership in the Seas..


The group plans a yachting trip; GG and Reza combat seasickness; a d..


The gang takes a trip to Turkey for Asa's family reunion; GG and MJ ..

S3E11 - In Love There Mus..

MJ takes her revenge on GG; Reza and Lilly have a fateful conversati..

S3E10 - The ButteryChocol..

Asa brings a tentative peace between MJ and GG; the girls try to get..

S3E9 - Sometimes You Just..

MJ tries to regain files she deleted from her computer; Mike meets w..

S3E8 - Caught in a Bad Br..

Asa tries to help GG cope with her anger issues; Mike gets frustrate..

S3E7 - The Velvet Rage

The reality of a life together hits Mike and Jessica. Meanwhile, Lil..

S3E6 - Persian Pride

The aftermath of Reza's outburst at a gay club finds Reza and MJ not..

S3E5 - Fresh Off the Boat

MJ and Vida put the focus on their relationship. Elsewhere, Asa reve..

S3E4 - Sorry. Not Sorry.

Mike uses an odd method to try to get more business; GG and her fami..

S3E3 - Bad Things Happen ..

MJ's time back in the fold is short-lived; GG retaliates against MJ;..

S3E1 - Only Guilty Men Br..

Reza tries to patch up differences with MJ in the Season 3 premiere...

S2E13 - Lost Footage

Drama not included in the season; the early days of Reza and Lilly's..

S2E12 - Reunion Part 2

The conclusion of a two-part reunion features Season 2 reflections. ..

S2E11 - Reunion Part 1

Andy Cohen presides over a reunion featuring the "Shahs of Sunset" g..

S2E10 - Persh-a-Pelooza

Mike sets out to break news to his parents about his flame. Elsewher..

S2E9 - Hard for Me to Say..

MJ finally asks her mom to attend therapy with her after a breakdown..

S2E8 - Happy New Year

Asa is finally able to produce her first tank of ``Diamond Water''; ..

S2E7 - Mo-CedesMo Problems

The group gathers on a yacht; GG struggles to pull a launch party to..

S2E6 - You Took an Ambien

The group decides on a long weekend in Cabo; GG is left out of the v..

S2E5 - Please Bring a Man

GG meets with Omid, only to discover she's been getting brushed asid..

S2E4 - You Shouldn't Have..

Asa brings her celebrity boyfriend lunch on the job; Mike struggles ..

S2E3 - I Love You But I D..

The group divides as a result of GG's behavior at a pool party. Mean..

S2E2 - The Persian Nose B..

MJ visits her therapist to face issues surrounding her mother. Elsew..

S2E1 - The Whisky Makes Y..

Asa moves back to her Venice mansion; MJ and her mother get into a f..

S1E6 - Old Friends New Pr..

In the Season 1 finale, Mike at last submits to the palpable romanti..

S1E5 - The Shahs of Great..

GG sounds off to her sister about a fight. Elsewhere, Reza journeys ..

S1E4 - Waiting for MJ

Stress rises for Sammy when Mohamed evaluates the work on his Beverl..

S1E3 - Champagne Wars

GG faces consequences for her poor conduct during Reza's birthday we..

S1E2 - It's My Birthday B..

Reza celebrates his birthday with an overblown party in Las Vegas, b..

S1E1 - Image Is Everything

The world of a Persian-American clique unfolds as they struggle to j..

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