The tale of four girls who transform into legendary warriors known as Mysticons. The Mysticons must use their powers to save their realm from Necrafa, an evil queen.
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S2E11 -Total Eclipse of t..

Emerald's overprotective mother comes for a surprise visit, but has ..

S2E6 - The Dragon's Rage

Arkayna and Zarya go in search of an ancient and mighty weapon to st..

S2E5 -Twin Stars Unite

Queen Necrafa herself infiltrates the Astromancer Academy and captur..

S2E3 - Scream of the Bans..

The Mysticons are hired by the leader of the boys' band Gnomes to Me..

S2E2 - Star-Crossed Sisters

Arkayna defies the Astromancers and heads off alone in the hope of f..

S2E1 -Three Mysticons and..

The Mysticons turn Zarya into a baby to infiltrate a fairy orphanage..

S1E19 - Through My Enemy'..

The Mysticons follow Tazma back to Queen Necrafa's portal in a race ..

S1E18 -Mutiny Most Fowl

Em's first date with Kasey is rudely interrupted when Kasey is kidna..

S1E17 - Quest of the Vexed

Em gets frustrated with Arkayna bossing her around, but instead of v..

S1E16 -Gems of the Past

The Mysticons race Necrafa to find two powerful gems; Gawayne has th..

S1E15 -Clash of the Tride..

The Mysticons dive under the sea to retrieve the statues of Arkayna'..

SE - All Hail Necrafa!

Just when Arkayna has a chance to save her parents, Nova Terron orde..

SE - Skies of Fire

Dreadbane bombards Drake City with meteors, demanding that the Mysti..

S1E11 - A Girl and Her Gu..

Piper wants a pet for her birthday, but when the Mysticons get her a..

S1E10 - A Walk in the Park

After Zarya gets hit by one of Tazma's spells, the Mysticons have to..

S1E6 - Heart of Gold

The Mysticons travel to Em's hometown, a dwarf mining town under att..

S1E5 - An Eye for an Eye

Zarya's temper gets her into trouble when she uses her Mysticon powe..

S1E4 - The Mysticon Kid

Piper gets fed up with being treated like a child, but when Kymraw s..

S1E3 - The Coronation

Gawayne invites everyone in the kingdom except Arkayna to celebrate ..

S1E2 - How to Train a Mys..

The new Mysticons get called to Astromancer Island to begin their tr..

S1E1 - Sisters in Arms

The legendary Dragon Disk brings together four girls and bestows upo..

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