I Shouldnt Be Alive


Re-enactments of real-life tales of human survival against the savage elements, dangerous climates and physical hazards.
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S5E6 - Til Death Do Us Part

In 2009, Tom and Linda Bosworth set off on a short 'jeeping' adventu..

S5E5 - Climb out of Hell

Amateur photographer Jordan Nicurity is exploring a beautiful cove o..

S5E4 - Christmas Horror

Students Sonja Rendell and Marni Sheppeard are on a 3-day hike in Ar..

S5E3 - First Date Nightmare

Experienced climbers Rachel Kelsey and Jeremy Colenso are in the Swi..

S5E2 - Blood on the Mount..

British hiker Matt Briggs spends ten days stranded in the mountains ..

S5E1 - Avalanche!

Five young guys from Bozeman, Montana have got together for a back-c..

S4E15 - Left for Dead on ..

50 year-old Australian mountaineer Lincoln Hall attempted to climb E..

S4E13 - A Family's Desert..

Just three months into a new relationship, Roger Sargeant, his new g..

S4E12 - Death Climb

In January 1999, Jamie Andrew and his friend Jamie Fisher are trappe..

S4E10 - Killer Crevasse

Mountaineer Jim Davidson and best-friend Mike Price embark on a moun..

S4E9 - River of Fear

Running through the majestic splendour of the Grand Canyon the Color..

S4E8 - Vacation Nightmare

Newlyweds Brandon and Brandy Wiley are on a backpacking adventure in..

S4E7 - Alone in the Amazon

Fresh-faced twenty two year old Brit Benedict Allen embarks on an ep..

S4E6 - 76 Days Adrift

Steven Callahan departs from El Hierro in the Canary Islands, in Nap..

S4E5 - Death in the Sea o..

Lifelong friends Joseph Rangel and Lorenzo Madrid, both in their 50s..

S4E4 - Crashed in the Roc..

Trainee pilot Justin Kirkbride takes two friends, Tommy and Larry, o..

S4E3 - Trapped on a Ledge..

Charlie Hench has set himself a big challenge before he turns the bi..

S4E2 - Shipwrecked Family

On the final leg of an amazing two year sailing voyage, the Silverwo..

S4E1 - A Dad's Worst Nigh..

Divorcee Mathew McGough is taking his five-year-old daughter Shannon..

S3E9 - Blizzard of Death

A father and son on a hunting expedition in Kyrgyzstan are caught in..

S3E8 - Lost in the Outback

A treasure hunter gets lost in the Australian Outback and struggles ..

S3E7 - A Walk in Hell

A group of five teenaged scouts and three adult guides hike into the..

S3E6 - Dive into Danger

Two divers get stranded in the Pacific Ocean when their boat has to ..

S3E5 - Blood in the water

Five boat safari goers find themselves stranded in the hippo and cro..

S3E4 - Into the heart of ..

Two close friends head for the Amazon rain forest and get lost in th..

S3E3 - Trapped Under the ..

A man and his aged dad go kayaking in the Alaskan wilderness. Everyt..

S3E2 - Frozen at 20,000 F..

Three British climbers get caught in a snow storm on Mt. McKinley. I..

S3E1 - Nightmare Canyon

Two brothers go on a hike in Utah's Canyons. They expect the trip wi..

S2E7 - Lost in the Africa..

A plane ride turns bad when it crashes in the Kalahari Desert and le..

S2E6 - Crash in a Volcano

When a Hollywood camera crew set out to film an active volcano they ..

S2E5 - Lost at Sea

Two fathers and there sons fishing trip in Mexico turns bad when the..

S2E4 - Alaskan Avalanche

Two climbers and close friends, Jim Sweeney and Dave Nyman, are scal..

S2E3 - Shipwrecked

Cousins Mark and Rob decided to go on a fishing trip on the Sea of C..

S2E2 - Ice Cave Survivor

Michael Couillard, an experienced American Air Force officer, decide..

S2E1 - Trapped under a Bo..

When Warren MacDonald decided to go hiking on the remote Hinchinbroo..

S1E6 - Jaws of Death

When an animal conservationist crashes his plane while trying to tra..

S1E5 - Kidnap in the Kill..

When a United Nations worker gets kidnapped while clearing landmines..

S1E4 - Swept Away

When two best friends decide to go kayaking in order to tour Washing..

S1E3 - Escape from the Am..

When three friends decide to head to the Amazon looking to find some..

S1E2 - Lost in the Snow

While on their way to a family funeral, a U.S. Army private, his wif..

S1E1 - Shark Survivor

When sailing from Maine to Florida, a luxury yacht with five crew me..

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