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Guys Grocery Games


Chefs compete for the chance of $20,000 as they are cooking inside a grocery store.
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S19E3 - GGG Judges and Th..

The Flavortown family gets a little bigger as some of GGG's most..

S19E2 - Flavortown Fright..

Things are getting freaky in Flavortown as four fearless chefs play ..

S19E1 -First Round Redemp..

Four GGG competitors who previously checked out early return to Flav..

S18E19 - GGG Winners vs. ..

Who knows Guy Fieri's grocery games the best the winners or the..

S18E18 - Global Grocery G..

Four chefs representing cuisines from around the world take on Guy F..

S18E17 -Everything From S..

Making an entire meal from scratch is a challenge now imagine doing..

S18E16 -Meals From the Mi..

Guy Fieri tests the limits of four chefs by allowing them to shop on..

S18E15 -Comfort Food Cook..

Guy Fieri brings four comfort food experts to Flavortown to compete ..

S18E14 -Food Scientists

It's a night of culinary experiments, modern techniques and out-of-t..

S18E13 - Supermarket Rema..

Guy Fieri welcomes competitors back to Flavortown to settle the scor..

S18E12 -Heavyweight Teams

Two GGG juggernauts, Alex Guarnaschelli and Rocco DiSpirito, return ..

S18E11 - Family Food Feud..

It's a family affair in Flavortown when two restaurant-owning famili..

S18E10 - Guy's Italian Ga..

Three chefs put their Italian cooking skills to the test in Guy Fier..

S18E9 -Sibling Duos

Guy Fieri invites teams of chef-siblings to compete in two games tha..

S18E8 -Culinary Idols

Three young chefs are in for a day they'll never forget as they're p..

S18E7 - GGG's Salute to S..

To celebrate America and the people who have served it, Guy Fieri in..

S18E6 -Express Lane Extreme

Guy Fieri puts the chefs to the test with games of extreme limitatio..

S18E5 -DDD Dads and Their..

Three chef dads from Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives team up with their ..

S18E4 - Food Network Star..

Three Food Network Stars bring their best friends from their seasons..

S18E3 - All-Star Grocery ..

Guy Fieri has four culinary all-stars battling against the clock in ..

S18E2 -Bigger Better Burg..

Four GGG winners return to Flavortown for a big burger battle. First..

S18E1 -GGG List Games

Everyone goes grocery shopping with a list, so Guy Fieri has three l..


No description

S17E15 - GGG Kids

Kids take on Flavortown after Guy Fieri invites four bite-sized chef..

S17E14 - Over-the-Top Foo..

Triple G goes way out of bounds when Guy Fieri invites some of the m..

S17E13 - Single Shop Show..

Four chefs are given one chance to shop for all three rounds and th..

S17E12 - DDD All-Star Tou..

Guy Fieri invites the finalists of the DDD All-Star Tournament back ..

S17E11 - DDD All-Star Tou..

Guy Fieri's favorite chefs from Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives return t..

S17E10 - April Fools' Games

Guy Fieri pulls the biggest prank in GGG history when he fools three..

S17E9 - DDD All-Star Tour..

Guy Fieri's favorite chefs from Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives return t..

S17E8 - Pizza Play-Offs

Four pie-pros compete in two plus-sized rounds of mouth-watering piz..

S17E7 -DDD All-Star Tourn..

Guy Fieri's favorite chefs from Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives who have..

S17E6 -Flavortown Honors ..

Four firefighter chefs put their culinary chops to the test in a nig..

S17E5 - Cheesiest

Guy Fieri's playing his cheesiest games and telling his cheesiest jo..

S17E4 - Sandwich Showdown

Guy Fieri has invited four top sandwich makers to Flavortown to see ..

S17E3 - Bacon to the Max

Four bacon-ators throw down in Flavortown for a shot at $20,000. Fir..

S17E2 -Judge vs. Judge

Flavortown judges go head-to-head in three one-on-one battles. First..

S17E1 -Noodle Games

Guy Fieri challenges four chefs to use their noodles to outwit his c..

S16E12 -Frozen Food Fight

Flavortown has frozen over! Guy Fieri puts four talented chefs throu..

S16E11 - Budget War

Penny pinching is the name of the game as Guy Fieri challenges four ..

S16E10 -Five-Star Showdown

Guy Fieri transforms Flavortown into a high-end restaurant and invit..

S16E9 - No-Shop Showdown

For the first time in GGG history, none of the competing chefs get t..

S16E8 - Sweet and Savory ..

Three of GGG's most beloved judges bring their significant others to..

S16E7 - Full Meal Madness

Guy Fieri invites three teams of sweet and savory duos to put their ..

S16E5 - GGG International..

It's an international culinary showdown when four returning GGG chef..

S16E4 -Spiciest!

The heat is on in Flavortown with Guy Fieri's spiciest games yet. Fi..

S16E3 -GGG vs. DDD

Two of Guy Fieri's worlds collide as chefs from both Diners, Drive-i..

S16E2 - Full-On Fried

Four fried-food fanatics enter Flavortown to take on Guy Fieri's dee..

S16E1 -Grocery Rush

On a GGG first, Guy Fieri gives the chefs three turbo-charged games ..

S15E10 - Last Judge Stand..

Judgment Day is here and the question of biblical proportions is: wh..

S15E9 - Last Judge Standi..

It's the semi-finals of the Last Judge Standing Tournament, and the ..

S15E7 - Last Judge Standi..

Seven Triple G judges return to Flavortown to continue the tournamen..

S15E6 -Last Judge Standin..

Eight Triple G judges step out from behind the judging table to comp..

S15E5 - DDD Holiday Showd..

Guy Fieri has invited four members of his Triple D family to Flavort..

S15E4 - GGG Gives Thanks

In the holiday spirit of giving, Triple-G judges mentor three talent..

S15E3 - Pizza Masters

It's sur-pie-val of the fittest when four dough throwers compete in ..

S15E2 - One Shop Showdown

Four thrifty chefs are given only one five-minute shop and $60 to bu..

S15E1 - Spice City

Flavortown turns into Spice City when four chefs who like their food..

S12E15 - Supermarket Mast..

The final four Supermarket Masters are ready to compete for the titl..

S12E14 - Supermarket Mast..

Four past GGG winners are vying for an instant $10,000 and the last ..

S12E13 - Supermarket Mast..

Four more GGG winners are ready to master the store in part three of..

S12E12 - Supermarket Mast..

The Supermarket Masters Tournament continues as four more GGG winner..

S12E11 - Supermarket Mast..

16 chefs who have mastered and won Guy's Grocery Games are back to c..

S12E10 - Big Bacon Battle 2

It's GGG's second BBB: Big Bacon Battle. Four pork-loving chefs cook..

S12E9 - Funny Food

Standup comics team up with Food Network all-star mentors in hilario..

S12E8 - Budget Bonanza

Four chefs attempt the impossible: creating a winning breakfast, lun..

S12E7 - Guy's Chocolate G..

Four chocolate masters compete to turn this rich treat into sweet an..

S12E6 - All Pyramid

Four courageous chefs are determined to reach the top playing three ..

S12E5 - DinersDrive-Ins a..

For the finale, Guy Fieri takes the final four DDD chefs on an epic ..

S12E4 - DinersDrive-Ins a..

Four more DDD chefs compete to earn up to $20,000 plus the last spot..

S12E3 - DinersDrive-Ins a..

The Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives Tournament continues as four more DD..

S12E2 - DinersDrive-Ins a..

Four new DDD chefs must start by giving a new spin to the classic ap..

S12E1 - DinersDrive-Ins a..

Sixteen of the best DDD chefs are competing in Flavortown for anothe..

S11E15 - GGG Impossible: ..

The winners of the first three rounds of the Triple G Impossible Tou..

S11E14 - GGG Impossible: ..

Three more chefs are vying for a chance to compete against Robert Ir..

S11E13 - Holiday Madness

Four chefs are dashing through the market in a holiday madness showd..

S11E12 - GGG Impossible: ..

It's part two of the Triple G Impossible tournament, in which the wi..

S11E11 - GGG Impossible: ..

The toughest chefs compete in an epic four-part Triple G Impossible ..

S11E10 - Culinary Saved M..

Four chefs who turned their lives around with cooking battle it out ..

S11E9 - Joy to the Judges

Some of our favorite Triple G judges are decking the shopping aisles..

S11E8 - Guy's Unforgettab..

Four of Triple G's most unforgettable chefs are back to compete in t..

S11E7 - Thanksgiving in F..

Four chefs are fixin' for a Thanksgiving in Flavortown. First, they ..

S11E6 - Cooking Channel ..

Josh Elkin, Kelsey Nixon, Dan Pashman and Jazz Smollett compe..

S11E5 - Ultimate GGG Rem..

The top two finalists from the biggest Triple G tournaments f..

S11E4 - Fried Feud

Four chefs are ready to fry, fry and fry again in a Flavortown fried..

S11E3 - Guilty Pleasures

Chefs must make a fast food favorite using only ingredients o..

S11E2 - Grandma and Gran..

Grandparents compete. Their first challenge is to make their ..

S10E12 - Guy's Superstar ..

The final four culinary superstars face three rounds of Guy Fieri's ..

S10E8 - Guy's Superstar G..

Eight of the greatest celebrity chefs face off in an epic five-week ..


No description

S10E5 - Cheesy Special

Four chefs compete in the cheesiest showdown in Triple G history, hi..

S10E4 - Class Reunion: Fo..

Four chefs from Guy Fieri's winning season of Food Network Star reun..

S10E3 - Whiz Kids

Four culinary whiz kids compete in this special kids edition of Guy'..

S10E2 - Rising Stars

Four up-and-coming chefs duke it out on this rising star showdown fo..

S10E1 - Guy's Summer Games

The fireworks are flying as four chefs compete in Guy Fieri's Summer..

S9E12 - Guy's Dessert Games

Pastry chefs invade Flavortown along with special celebrity judges R..

S9E11 - Dueling Dads

Dads are ready to duke it out in the GGG kitchen, but they aren't al..

S9E10 - Food Wheel Free-F..

The chefs are taking a big spin around the market with three rounds ..

S9E9 - Food Network Star ..

It's a star-studded event as Food Network Stars Eddie Jackson, Aaron..

S9E8 - Grill or Be Grilled

In this special all-grilling edition of GGG, the chefs' first dish i..

S9E7 - Redemption Tournam..

The final four chefs vie for the ultimate comeback, starting with a ..

S9E6 - Redemption Tournam..

Four chefs who've been defeated in the Flavortown market before are ..

S9E5 - Redemption Tournam..

Four chefs return to GGG for redemption in this special tournament. ..

S9E4 - Redemption Tournam..

Four chefs who left Flavortown early in their first appearance are s..

S9E3 - Redemption Tournam..

Four previously eliminated chefs are back for another shot at victor..

S9E2 - Big Bacon Battle

Four chefs try to prove that everything goes better with bacon, begi..

S9E1 - Budget Games Blowout

In this episode featuring the most extreme budget games, the chefs m..

S8E11 - Big Burger Battle

An all-burger edition of the competition. Included: Only eight items..

S8E10 - Perfect Strangers

Teams of strangers compete. Challenges include creating a classic du..

S8E9 - BreakfastLunch and..

The chefs must make a sweet and savory breakfast from items found in..

S8E8 - Guy's Games of Cha..

The chefs roll dice to determine the details of a poker night plate;..

S8E7 - All Star Academy F..

Four home cooks from "All-Star Academy" compete with Curtis Stone an..

S8E6 - Four Weddings and ..

Chefs who are getting married try to earn some dough for their weddi..


Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives Tournament: Finale


No description

S8E3 - DinersDrive-Ins an..

Part 3 of 5. The Triple D tournament continues. Included: The chefs ..

S8E2 - DinersDrive-Ins an..

Part 2 of 5. Chefs from Triple D compete. Challenges include making ..

S8E1 - DinersDrive-Ins an..

Part 1 of 5. Chefs from "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" compete. Inclu..

S7E11 - Tournament of Cha..

It's the ultimate throwdown as the final four champs compete for the..

S7E10 - Tournament of Cha..

Part 4 of 5. Four champs return to take on challenges, beginning whe..

S7E8 - Tournament of Cham..

Part 2 of 5. Four champions return. First, they are forced to make b..

Seasonings Greetings

Holiday starters are prepared in the first round; a New Year's Eve d..

S7E6 - Tournament of Cham..

Part 1 of 5. Past winners return for a "Tournament of Champions." Ch..

Sof Grocery Giving

Gift baskets filled with eclectic items are given to the competing c..

S7E4 - Turkey Day Tournam..

Four chefs show their gratitude when Guy Fieri gives them an unbeara..

S7E3 - Grandma's Grocery ..

Spunky grandmothers compete, starting with a challenge that finds th..

S7E2 - Grandma's Grocery ..

Four seasoned and spunky grandmothers show Guy Fieri how it's done! ..

S7E1 - Triple G Chefs: Th..

Talented young chefs with dreams of a bright culinary career are put..

S6E13 - An Offal Halloween

In a spook-tacular Halloween cook-off our chefs start out with some ..

S6E12 - Blue Plate Blues

Four chefs compete to see if one roll, spin or outrageous game will ..

S6E11 - All-Stars Team Up..

Pro athletes Rich Aurilia, Jennifer Lacy, Marcel Reece and Takeo Spi..

S6E10 - All-Stars in the ..

All-stars Madison Cowan, Elizabeth Falkner, Aaron McCargo Jr. and Mi..

S6E9 - All-Stars

An all-stars competition features Ron Ben-Israel, Penny Davidi, Pat ..

S6E8 - All-Stars and A-Li..

Anne Burrell, Eric Greenspan, Jet Tila and Marcel Vigneron compete i..

S6E7 - All-Stars and A-Li..

Culinary titans Anne Burrell, Eric Greenspan, Jet Tila and Marcel Vi..

S6E6 - All-Stars and A-Li..

Culinary titans Anne Burrell, Eric Greenspan, Jet Tila and Marcel Vi..

S6E5 - Flippin' Out in th..

A lavish Italian feast is prepared by the chefs using only four poun..

S6E4 - Par for the Shopta..

The competing chefs navigate a shopstacle course as they grab ingred..

S6E3 - High-Steak Hijinks

Comfort food dishes have a five-ingredient limit; upscale dinners ar..

S6E2 - Cruisin' Through t..

Ingredients can only come from the even-number aisles in the first c..

S6E1 - Music and Mayhem i..

The chefs are restricted to using only ingredients that start with t..

S5E11 - Serving Up Summer!

Four chefs celebrate summer with a barbecue block party where a roll..

S5E10 - It's a Fieri Fath..

Hunter Fieri joins his dad in the kitchen for a Father's Day competi..

S5E9 - Daring Kitchen Duos

Chefs who are partners in and out of the kitchen join forces to make..

S5E8 - Triple G Redemption

Four returning chefs vie for a chance at redemption. Included: They ..

S5E7 - Thrillin' Grillin'

Experienced chefs from all over the country are fired up about makin..

S5E6 - A Dicey Situation

Four chefs take a gamble when Guy makes them roll dice to determine ..

S5E5 - Orange You Glad Yo..

Comfort food is prepared using five ingredients or less; orange juic..

S5E4 - Mother's Day Madness

With the dairy, meat and seafood aisles down, four amazing moms must..

S5E3 - Flavortown Throwdown

The four chefs ready to throwdown in Flavortown must first create a ..

S5E2 - Battle America!

Chefs from four distinct American regions vie for culinary supremacy..

S5E1 - Bold Tastes and Bi..

It's a night of memorable characters and mouthwatering food in the m..


No description

S4E14 - Triple G a la No ..

A Mediterranean feast is made using the least likely ingredients fro..

S4E13 - Chefs Take the Hi..

Hot sandwiches are prepared in the first round using a mishmash of m..

S4E12 - WinnerWinnerChick..

Ingredients must begin with the letter P in the first round; the che..

S4E11 - Music and Meatloaf

The first challenge is to make meatloaf without any of the usual ing..

S4E10 - James Beard Nomin..

Four James Beard-nominated chefs compete in challenges, which includ..

S4E9 - Don't Skimp on the..

Chefs must make their signature dishes using less than 5 pounds of i..

S4E8 - Triple D Takes on ..

">Chefs who have appeared on "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" compete in ..

S4E7 - Chefs Ham It Up

A barbecue challenge is followed by a ham dinner, with an eclectic g..

S4E6 - Something Spells G..

Ingredients need to start with the letter M in the first round. Othe..

S4E5 - Love Is in the Aisle

Guy celebrates Valentine's Day by giving the chefs a gift of chocola..

S4E4 - Family Style

Kids choose the meals when four families compete. Their first challe..

S4E3 - Family Style

Families compete in challenges. Included: The pasta shelves are off ..

S4E2 - Family Style

Siblings compete in challenges, beginning with "5 Ingredients or Les..

S4E1 - Family Style

Kids choose the meals when four families compete. Their first challe..

S3E15 - Dashing Through t..

For the first game, the chefs are given tasty samples from Santa's l..

S3E14 - Let Them Eat Toast

In the first game, the chefs try not to tip the scale when shopping ..

S3E13 - The Weighting Game

The chefs try not to tip the scale when shopping for their best meat..

S3E12 - Pressed for Time

A panini lunch with items found on Guy's grocery list; a favorite ri..

S3E11 - Aisle and Error

It's a middle aisle showdown as four chefs try to make a decadent di..

S3E10 - Thanksgiving Groc..

Four chefs compete in different challenges for a $20,000 shopping sp..

S3E9 - A Culinary Spellin..

Four chefs put their culinary and spelling skills to the test in the..

S3E8 - Not Going to Budge..

Four chefs attempt to make their best grilled dish; breakfast dishes..

S3E7 - Fan-Tastic Food

Seafood dinner using five Ingredients or less; a game inspired by an..

S3E6 - Pasta La VistaBaby

The chefs have to carry all their ingredients for their barbecue fea..

S3E5 - Aisle of Terror

The chefs must make a savory treat with sweets; ingredients like bon..

S3E4 - Triple D Takes on ..

Combining radishes and maple syrup; discounted, damaged and dented i..

S3E3 - Food Network All-S..

A battle of the Food Network stars features Cat Cora, Alex Guarnasch..

S3E1 - Around the World i..

Creating an international dish using items found in the Clearance Ca..

S2E10 - Produce and Cons

The first game is a vegetarian fest; surf and turf, on a budget; col..

S2E9 - Cut the Cheese

Mac and cheese, gets a challenging twist; slim chicken dinner; the c..

S2E8 - Grocery Grillin'

The chefs must use peanut butter in their grilled pizzas; clearance ..

S2E3 - Caught in the Middle

An international dish is made using only items from the middle aisle..

S2E2 - Free Samples

Samples must be used in Mediterranean dishes; the chefs dash around ..

S2E1 - Moms Know Best

Moms compete in the Season 2 premiere, which challenges them to cook..

S1E12 - Cart Wars

The first challenge is to prepare tacos, but tortillas and ground be..

S1E11 - YesChefs Can

First, the chefs must create an Italian feast using only canned food..

S1E10 - Game Day Rush

A "Closing Time" challenge gives the chefs just two minutes to shop ..

S1E9 - HollyJolly Meals

The first challenge is grilled cheese sandwiches on a small budget; ..

S1E8 - Five Star Frozen F..

The chefs attempt to make five-star dinners using only frozen foods;..


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