Days of Our Lives


"Like sands through the hourglass... so are the Days of Our Lives." These words, spoken by late cast member Macdonald Carey, open every episode of this daytime drama, chronicaling the trials and tribulations of the citizens of the fictional city of Salem.
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S54E35 -Friday November 9..

Hope and Rafe meet with a witness regarding the case against Ben; Be..

S54E33 - Wednesday Novemb..

Sami rushes to find the missing patient; Paul and Will have a run-in..

S54E32 - Tuesday November..

Belle reunites with Marlena and makes peace with John; Sami confides..

S54E31 - Monday November ..

Sami opens DNA results of the mystery patient; Susan has a premoniti..

S54E25 -Friday October 26..

Sarah Horton returns to Salem; Chloe stumbles upon a drunk Bonnie an..

S54E1 - Monday September ..

Eric is stunned when he learns the truth about Nicole!

S53E243 - Friday Septembe..

Eric and Brady try to support John, who's deeply concerned about Mar..

S53E242 - Thursday Septem..

John finds Marlena in crisis as Valerie tries to save her life; Brad..

S53E241 - Wednesday Septe..

John anxiously waits for Marlena to wake up post-surgery; Abigail co..

S53E240 - Tuesday Septemb..

Paul's life hangs in the balance; Will and Sonny's plans for the fut..

S53E239 - Friday August 3..

Eve finds Brady and Kristen in a compromising position; Paul and Sam..

S53E238 - Thursday August..

Kristen tries to seduce Brady; after discovering that Brady is missi..

S53E237 - Wednesday Augus..

John is distraught at the possibility of losing Marlena on their wed..

S53E236 - Tuesday August ..

Marlena's family gathers as she's wheeled into surgery; Rafe arrests..

S53E235 - Monday August 2..

John is horrified when he realizes Marlena has been shot; Sami conti..

S53E222 - Wednesday Augus..

Stefan tells Abigail he wants to be a part of his child's life; in a..

S53E221 - Tuesday August ..

Abigail and Chad feel the baby kick for the first time; Stefan opens..

S53E220 - Monday August 6..

Victor keeps Eve's secret from Brady, but he wants something in retu..

S53E219 - Friday August 3..

Brady presses Jennifer to tell him who planted the drugs; Eric share..

S53E218 - Thursday August..

Eric proposes to Jennifer; Chad continues to struggle with Abigail h..

S53E217 - Wednesday Augus..

Jennifer debates whether to tell Eric the true reason why Nicole lef..

S53E213 - Thursday July 2..

Ted questions Sonny if had any involvement in Leo's disappearance; S..

S53E211 - Tuesday July 24..

Abigail confesses to Chad that she's pregnant with Stefan's child; C..

S53E210 - Monday July 232..

Stefan pleads Abigail to keep her baby; vengeful Gabi vents to JJ ab..

S53E209 - Friday July 202..

Abigail considers terminating her pregnancy; Gabi accidentally revea..

S53E208 - Thursday July 1..

Claire asks Ciara if she's moving on with Ben; Theresa receives deva..

S53E207 - Wednesday July ..

Eve is wracked with guilt and admits to Chloe she's partly responsib..

S53E206 - Tuesday July 17..

Brady faces having to say goodbye to his son; JJ suffers the consequ..

S53E199 - Friday July 62018

Ciara tries to reason with paranoid Ben; Claire admits she's startin..

S53E198 - Thursday July 5..

Ciara is concerned as Ben becomes increasingly unglued without his m..

S53E197 -Wednesday July 4..

Maggie catches Will in the act; Eve brings a surprise witness to Tat..

S53E196 -Tuesday July 32018

Leo's dream of marrying Sonny is dealt a major blow; Will and Sonny ..

S53E195 - Monday July 22018

Leo offers Sonny a chance to make the lawsuit disappear; Will and Le..

S53E194 - Friday June 292..

Stefan puts the screws to Kate; Leo has a stunning proposal for Sonn..

S53E193 -Thursday June 28..

Abigail confides in Gabi that she's pregnant; Kayla gives Steve good..

S53E192 -Wednesday June 2..

Abigail is about to take a pregnancy test when she runs into Gabi; C..

S53E191 -Tuesday June 262..

Abigail fears she's pregnant but keeps it from Chad; Will admits to ..

S53E190 -Monday June 252018

Chad is happily surprised when Abigail returns home and shares good ..

S53E189 -Friday June 222018

Kate makes a huge confession to Chad; Gabi is released from prison; ..

S53E188 -Thursday June 21..

Chad pitches himself to Victor as the best candidate to run Titan; K..

S53E186 -Tuesday June 192..

Lani undergoes an emergency C-section; Lani has a fantasy of her per..

S53E185 -Monday June 182018

Ciara cautiously opens up to Ben; Hope makes an unsettling discovery..

S53E181 -Tuesday June 122..

Theresa drops a bombshell, stunning Brady and Eve; Will has Marlena ..

S53E180 - Monday June 112..

Theresa seeks help from Victor; Jennifer learns Theresa is living wi..

S53E179 - Wednesday June ..

Ben shows up on Will's doorstep to make amends; Kayla reluctantly ag..

S53E178 - Tuesday June 52..

Ciara is stunned to find Tripp and Claire in a compromising position..

S53E177 - Monday June 42018

Theresa pulls out all the stops to fight for Brady; Kayla gives Ciar..

S53E176 - Friday June 12018

Chloe blows Theresa out of the water; Claire and Tripp turn to each ..

S53E175 - Thursday May 31..

Xander gets under Theresa's skin; Chloe and Eve discuss Theresa; Tri..

S53E174 - Wednesday May 3..

Stefan offers Kayla a deal to help with Steve's vision; Laura helps ..

S53E173 - Tuesday May 292..

On the verge of choosing between Theresa or Eve, Brady is thrown a c..

S53E172 - Friday May 252018

Theresa attempts to guilt Eve into leaving Brady; Brady confesses hi..

S53E171 - Thursday May 24..

Sonny realizes Leo has been conning him; Abigail faces the music reg..

S53E170 - Wednesday May 2..

Chad argues with Melinda to get a plea deal for Abigail; Jennifer su..

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